Subjective Female Documentalists

As part of Bialystok INTERPHOTO 2015, Arsenal Gallery


It will be presented from 23 October 2015 to 10 December 2015
Vernissage hrs .: 18:00
Curator: Agata Chinowska
Place: Arsenal Gallery, ul. A. Mickiewicz 2, Bialystok

Artists: Eva Kotátková (Czech), Lucia Nimcová (Slovakia) and Krisztina Erdei (Hungary)

The artists participating in the exhibition in the Arsenal Gallery in Bialystok: Eva Kotátková (Czech), Lucia Nimcová (Slovakia) and Krisztina Erdei (Hungary) have quite a lot in common: they are of one generation (born in the late 70s or early 80s of the last century), use an identical medium – photography, and come from the same Visegrad Region. Their creative activity is a subjective recording of the surrounding reality and everyday life. Each artist draws inspirations from their closest environments and settings and simultaneously refers to their past which is presented both as a political system and a nostalgia for the childhood, adolescence etc. What makes their works distinct is their individual sensitivity and unique creative intuition resulting in their choices and decisions of registering particular, specific situations.