Puffasztott disznóorr reneszánsz öltözékű nőalakon, 2016

Basically, the theme is tuned of the carnival season, but we also research the new ways of portrait depiction. We show the contemporary streams by a variety of genres works of art. There are video installations, graphics, photography, painting, sculpture, object work show that how deeply rooted in people the desire to change identity, how people try different personalities, how they try to hide to become more successful in private live, in career, or even only to change everyday monotony for a while.
Winter solemnities are simultaneously exist the dying and resurrecting nature, the chaos and order , struggles, growing love, fertility and marriage motif, and the fortune and misfortune, the unpredictable fate, against we rebel in vain. 
Artists on show:
Jagicza Patrícia / Kupcsik Adrián / Gaál József / Tettamanti Ádám / Tomasz Piars /Chilf Mária / Magyarics Tibor / Michal Janowski / Perlaki Gergely / Erdei Krisztina
Vernissage: 16th February 2017. / 19:00 h.
Opening speech: Tünde Sipos / art historian - curator at Ludwig Museum
Curator: István Bársony / architect
Location: LATARKA Galéria / Budapest, Andrássy út 32.
Open until 16th March 2016.