Neighborhood (2008-2012)


Our Holocaust

Studio Gallery
[1077 Budapest, Rottenbiller u. 35.]

Opening: 08.10.2014. 7PM
Opened by: Anna Szász, sociologist

These photos were taken in the Northernmost city of Israel, close to the border with Lebanon. As I was getting acquainted with relatives and friends in a neighborhood at the edge of Nahariyya, I collected stories that ended in homes–abandoned one day or another, objects lost and memories too remote. One can see a long lost object that had been left in the abandoned home of the people taken away, but was then rescued and returned by the neighbors, an image recreated following very specific instructions, a peculiar custom that cannot be discussed in rational terms, and a visit in the junior museum of holocaust survivors. And the rest of it is just quotidian life, as it surrounds all of this.