Pécsi 25. Pécsi József Photography Grant 1991–2016

A quarter of a century, 25 years have passed since the 1991 foundation of the Pécsi József Photography Grant. More than 100 artists have received this state grant, which aims at “helping to start the career, creative work, and development of talented photographers working as independent artists and to provide them with beneficial conditions for creating high standard artworks, which are current both in terms of form and content.” (Call for Applications, 2016) In connection with the jubilee, the Capa Center, which is committed to the promotion of the genre of photography and the introduction of Hungarian photographers, showcases a comprehensive exhibition.


The exhibition Pécsi 25. Pécsi József Photography Grant 1991–2016 presents the values and outcomes of a grant that has been awarded regularly for 25 years, while making it possible to examine both the artworks and the history of the grant, with its objectives in mind.

Judit Gellér and Miklós Zsámboki
Curators of the exhibition

 Open to the public: October 18, 2016 – January 8, 2017

Exhibited artists: Szabolcs Barakonyi, Gergely Barcza, Zsolt Péter Barta, Máté Bartha, Eszter Biró, András Bozsó, Imre Drégely, Sári Ember, Krisztina Erdei, Anna Fabricius, Tibor Gyenis, Ildi Hermann, Barna Illés, Gábor Kasza, Dániel Kovalovszky, Gábor Arion Kudász, Zsófia Pályi, Ildikó Péter, Ákos Stiller, Dezső Szabó, Ábel Szalontai, Lenke Szilágyi, Éva Szombat, Balázs Telek, Dorottya Vékony