Lumen Grocery & Community Supplier

Lumen Zöldség és Közösségi Szolgáltató (Lumen Grocery and Community Supplier), situated in Klazuál tér, is pillared by a sentimental, although workable concept: it aims to pull passersby into contemporary arts with the help of a grocery store. The idea is smart, the business model is economical, while the combination on which Lumen is based is attractive due to its uniqueness. Fortunately, the overall execution, the image, and the marketing methods were all of the highest quality. The least bit surprisingly, Lumen’s main goal is to operate as a grocery, although various exhibitions will also be present, as well as a creative community.

The Lumen Station board: Krisztina Erdei, Gergely László, Péter Puklus, Rita Kálmán, Péter Rákossy, Dani Sipos